David Mark says PDP will continue to remain one even after primaries

The Peoples Democratic Party will not disintegrate after its presidential primary, according to former Senate President David Mark, who is also one of the presidential aspirants of the party.

Mark on Friday said those who believed there would be upheavals in the PDP after the primary would be disappointed at the appropriate time.

The senator boasted that instead of some people’s negative expectations and predictions, the party would emerge stronger and more united after the primary.

He also expressed confidence that the winner of the presidential primary would enjoy the support of other aspirants.

In his words, “Nigerians need to stop presuming that there will always be problem. It is a presumption on the part of onlookers, not the participants, that there will be chaos. Those outside are the ones presuming that it is going to be explosive, but it will be free and fair. We the aspirants have every confidence in the party structure and hierarchy that they will organise a very free, fair, credible and transparent primary.

“So do not bother too much; I think we are over-reacting. PDP will have a very healthy primary and we have decided that the rest of us will unite solidly behind whoever emerges as the candidate. Whatever problem may emerge, we will resolve it among ourselves and come out stronger.”

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