DNA: We May All Be Cousins, Afterall

There’s a constant and belief by most people, that makes them see other races are inferior.

While they always feel this self acclaim pride and superiority over others, I kind of see this as inferiority complex or pre-birth prejudices that’s been put in play long before they’re born.

This is usually as a result of our parents or society inculcation of an unknown belief in us, as it’s with what their parents had told them what their grand parents also told them or the society makes them to believe.

However, only if we’re made to take a geneology test, to trace our DNA, o my  then we’ll realize that we are all related.

The clip above shows a research of how we can unknowingly be from same ancestors but with prejudices, we are blinded to what brings is together,rather we focus on the societal ills that has widen the gap.

Do you think, this should be done all the time?

Let’s here your thoughts…

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