Don’t bring us into your party’s headache, APC knocks Wike

The ruling-All Progressives Congress (APC) has told People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to focus on 2019 elections and leave it out of its challenges in picking the right presidential candidate out of the many aspirants applying for the ticket.

Acting National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena said the party will never descend to the level of planting aspirants in any party as was the tradition with the PDP when it held sway.

Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike had in an interview with an online newspaper said that they were aware that some of the Presidential aspirants of the party were being sponsored by the APC and the Presidency.

Wike said in the interview that “Those who are complaining about me are those who are afraid because they are the agents of APC. We know those PDP presidential aspirants who are agents of PDP. We know them. The presidency and the APC have planted people within our party, and we know it.

“They planted Modu Sheriff and we fell for it. I bought into it not knowing it was a set-up. And then when we realised, we said no, we have to fight it. And we fought it. I cannot again fall for the fool that I became under Ali Modu Sheriff. I know some of our presidential aspirants who are running on the sponsorship of the APC and the presidency.”

Nabena said “that is not true. We will never descend to that level of planting people in the PDP. We all know that they were the ones planting people in the past. We have no business with whatever they are doing.

“The PDP should face their problems and address them. We have better things to do than think of how to plant aspirants in their party. The people that left our party for the PDP were those they planted in the party and when they failed to achieve their aim of destroying the party, they left.

“So, the PDP should face their problem and leave us out of it. We have nothing to do with them and their aspirants.”

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