IGP was not invited because of Dino, Senate spokesman confesses

The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday disavowed inviting the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, because of Senator Dino Melaye’s predicament in the hands of the police.

Sen. Sabi Abdullahi speaking on behalf of the Senate yesterday said the IGP was invited to answer questions on security issues.

 “Yes. He (IGP) was supposed to appear today but he did not appear. This is democracy and democracy is all about the people. In the course of all of this, there are many wrong impressions that he was invited because of the incident with Senator Dino Melaye.

“This is part of the truth because it is only one side of it and the major reason is the general state of insecurity which seems not to abate, that the Senate is concerned about and felt that he has a lot of information to put us through what he is doing.

“We are all victims of killings one way or another. If you are not from Benue or other states affected, it’s likely you have a relative or someone who’s from there,” he said.

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