Jaruma’s Evil Strategy That Should Be Tamed

Jaruma’s drowning empire seems to be setting her into depression.

Recall that the popular sex therapist, Jaruma who uses her social media to sell her sex items, had allegedly claimed that her products were the secret to Regina Daniel’s successful dethronement of Nigerian Billionaire, Ned Nwoko’s Morrocan ex-wife Laila Chavani.

While Ned has cleared the air on the frivolous claims by Jaruma, his wife,Regina Daniels have also explained her relationship with Jaruma which was strictly professional relationship where she was paid to promote the products as an ambassador and she explained that she never used her products.

It’s a common knowledge the world over that brands pay celebrities to promote their products,not necessarily using them.

Ned who spoke via his media aide had earlier denied those allegations and said the end of his union with his ex wife,Laila wasn’t as a result of the alleged Jaruma’s aphrodisiac.

He explained how Laila was on holiday in London and engaged in activities that were against his personal principle, which includes going clubs,getting unauthorized plastic surgery and getting into a nasty fight with a strange man and contracted the dreaded COVID-19 at a time.

Our findings reveal that as Jaruma may have technically orchestrated the Ten Million deal where Regina Daniels was contacted to become a brand ambassador in a bid to revive her sinking long deceitful tactics of selling aphrodisiac to unsuspecting clients, where some have come out to call her a cheat, fake and a unprintable names after buying her products and never got the results she claims.

Jaruma’s popularity has been shrinked in recent times with the influence of Spiritualist, Angela Nwosu, whose spiritual products, people claim works better rather than the fake Jaruma.

Jaruma’s social media fan base has been on the steady decline and she has allegedly sponsored people to attack or rival, Angela Nwosu and also failed.

It’s clear that Jaruma went on another mission this time with the decoy of having Regina as an ambassador in other to use her and the billionaire’s husband to rejuvenate her failed business.

Why Nigerians should not take Jaruma serious, I think it’s time legal action is taken against such characters that go the extra mile in dragging well meaning and hard working Nigerians in the mud all in the bid of fame.

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