Kanye West now to be called ‘YE’

American rap star, Kanye West, has decided that he now wants to be called Ye.

Ye has long been a nickname for West, along with Yeezy, and he chose “Ye” as the title of his last album.

He has previously said that he found a spiritual significance to “Ye” the plural or formal version of the second-person pronoun in Middle English as he so frequently read it in the Bible.

West announced the name change shortly before he appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” the widely watched television skit show.

He performed with fellow rapper Lil Pump dressed as water bottles, drawing an overwhelmingly negative reaction on social media where a number of professed fans questioned his creative direction.

West closed the show by singing a track off “Ye” while wearing one of President Donald Trump’s signature red “Make America Great Again” caps.

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