Man loses wife in football bet

One football fan in Kenya who staked his wife in a football bet on the Manchester United vs Manchester City derby is regretting his decision after his loss at the weekend.

Reports say two friends in Kenya wrote down their bet on a piece of paper, stating that:

“Amani Stanley, in full possession of his mental faculties promises to sell his wife for a week to his friend Tony Shilla if Manchester City does not win the title against United.

Amani Stanley confirms that he is sane and not in any way been forced into this agreement.”

The paper also included the signatures of both parties, as well as a third party confirming the bet.

Of course City got off to a great start, leading by two goals to nil in halftime, but goals from Paul Pogba and Smalling gave United victory in the derby.

Consequently, Mr Stanley has lost his wife for a week, all because of a bet.

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