Ndume denies having hand in Senate mace theft

Senator Ali Ndume has said he was not party to last month’s invasion of the Senate by hoodlums, which led to stealing of the Senate mace.

Ndume was alleged to have directed a sergeant-at-arms on duty on the day of the invasion not to touch the mace, thereby allowing the thugs have easy access to it.

Speaking before the National Assembly committee investigating the incident, the lawmaker denied giving such directive.

But Ndume had earlier craved the indulgence of the committee to allow his appearance hold behind closed-door.

Consequently, journalists were excused from the gathering but called in again after about 10 minutes, with a view to having his statement on record.

Chairman of the committee, Ibn Na’Allah, who set the tone for the hearing, said:  “We had a statement from the deputy mace bearer wherein he alluded allegedly that he made an attempt on April 18 inside the chamber of the Senate to take into safety the mace of the Senate when he saw confusion going on and you advised him to leave it. Is that correct?” he asked.

Ndume denied, saying he was surprised that such allegation was raised against him.

He said:  “I didn’t know in my whole years in this National Assembly that we are that exposed. For some people to just come in and take the mace and run away.

“For me to prevent somebody or to advise somebody not to do his job is just totally out of place because I don’t have the authority to do that. I did not do that, I cannot do that and I’m not supposed to do that.”

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