PDP drags Buhari to UN over spate of killings in Nigeria

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has written a damning letter to the United Nations (UN), complaining about President Muhammadu Buhari’s inability to protect the nation’s democracy.

The letter dated April 30 and addressed to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, was written by the chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus.

In the letter, the PDP said the APC-led Federal Government was frustrating legitimate opposition, intimidating and persecuting their leaders and destroying the fragile fabrics of the nation’s burgeoning democracy.

“Our nation has become heavily polarized along dangerous fault lines where citizens now live in fear and mutual suspicion; where citizens are slaughtered by the day by marauders; where hunger and strange diseases ravage the people due to the insensitive and incoherent policies of this government,” Secondus noted.

“It is imperative to bring to the attention of the world, the various constitutional violations and the unrelenting persecution, arrest, detention and harried trial of opposition members as well as perceived opponents of government, including innocent business concerns, apparently in pursuit of the grand plot to discredit and stifle the opposition in Nigeria.

“There is also, the increasing unwarranted attacks by government controlled security forces on journalists, media houses and other well-meaning Nigerians carrying out their legitimate duties simply because they hold different opinions from those of the APC-led government,” he asserted.

“Recently the Federal Government confirmed the persecution of opposition leaders in the guise of fighting corruption when it released a phantom list of alleged looters comprising only of persons who are members of the opposition PDP.

“Even persons who were facing criminal prosecution prior to the 2015 presidential elections who are now members of the ruling APC and other members of APC who are overtly known to be involved in known cases of corruption were excluded from the list whilst persons who have never been charged with any crime and who in fact have not held any previous government portfolio including myself were listed as ‘looters’.

“All notable opposition leaders are being harassed or hounded by security operatives using all manners of frivolous and vexatious allegations.

“Today, despite our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association and speech, Nigerians now live in fear of this intolerant, overbearing, bigoted and dictatorial administration seeking to foist a fascist regime on our country.

“How do we explain or justify the evil plan of the APCled Federal Government to monitor citizens’ phone calls and social media communication purportedly to check for hate speeches without any enabling law?” he wondered.

Secondus also accused the Federal Government of mass killings and instigating violence against the people, adding that “a retired General, former Minister of Defence and elder statesman, General Theophilus Y. Danjuma has openly accused the armed forces of Nigeria of colluding with the killer herdsmen and providing them cover to kill helpless and unarmed citizens.”

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