Preacher says Mo Salah injured for not observing fast

An Islamic preacher has claimed it was God who punished Liverpool star player, Mohammed Salah, for breaking his Ramzan fast.

Mubarak-al-Bathali, an Islamic preacher, stated that God was unhappy because Mo Salah broke his Ramzan fast for the Champions League final.

The Kuwait based preacher said that football is not a legitimate excuse to break a fast during the holy month of Ramzan and Salah is facing repercussions of his actions.

Interestingly, Mubarak-al-Bathali even went on to say that there was no excuse because ‘jihadists’ fast despite being in a state of war with the enemy.

Salah is a devout Muslim but after consulting the club physiotherapist and nutritionist, he decided to skip his fast ahead of the final.

Notably, Muslims are allowed to break their fast for travel purposes.

Mubarak-al-Bathali has courted controversy in the past with his open backing for terror group Al-Qaeda.

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