Shittugate? Like Adeosun, Minister Shittu in NYSC mess

The last may not have been heard about President Muhammadu Buhari ministers caught in the web of ‘dishonesty’ by not observing the mandatory National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC).

Minister Adebayo Shittu, whom the President put in charge of the Communications portfolio in his cabinet, is also embroiled in the shameful act of not honouring his fatherland.

In a recent investigation by Premium Times, it was gathered that Mr. Shittu did skipped NYSC scheme despite graduating from the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) at age 25.

In response to the allegation, Mr. Shittu said he thought his first political post after graduation could suffice as national service, a claim lawyers and NYSC insiders consider as ludicrous and untenable.

He said he believed that having been elected lawmaker, he needed not participate in the national service.

The Minister said he deliberatively skipped the NYSC scheme because he was convinced that his membership of the state assembly was itself a “service”.

“The constitution provides for the qualification needed for state assembly members, NYSC is not there,” Mr. Shittu said. “I didn’t need it to become a member of the state assembly, and that is already a service,” he said.

Avoiding the compulsory national service is an offence under the NYSC law, punishable with up to 12 months imprisonment.

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