Syria accuses U.S., Israel for attack on air base

Agency Report — Syria says Israel was only able to carry out an airstrike on a central Syrian air base because of the “unlimited support of the American administration.”

Syria has blamed Israel for a missile attack on a central air base early Monday that reportedly killed 14 people, including three Iranians. Israel typically does not comment on its operations in Syria, where it has carried out more than 100 strikes since 2012, mainly targeting weapons convoys.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a letter sent to the United Nations on Monday that Israel is “practicing state terrorism and threatens security and peace in the region and the world.”

The ministry said Syria will not hesitate to “practice its right to defend its land, people and sovereignty by all means that are in accordance with the U.N. charter.”

It said the airstrike on the T4 air base was conducted by Israeli warplanes flying over the airspace of neighboring Lebanon. The ministry said the attack left a number of Syrian citizens dead or wounded.


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