The Nwaoboshi liability on Anioma

By Prelador Tesla Etianra…

As we get closer to the 2019 elections, politicians have started their usual antics.

When most of us look back at Nigeria, most times we are tempted to believe the country is on some sort of ancestral curse. We are a people who do things differently from the rest of the world. It is unfortunate to say this, but we are more inclined to destruction and personal gains than progress.

We neither appreciate hard work nor dedicated to service-oriented leadership. It is the reason our political firmament is strewn with very odd characters, who strive every day to compound our problems. I juxtapose what is the political cum leadership currency in my native country, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, where I have spent the last 10 years, but all I see sadly, is a widening leadership gulf.

We must do everything possible to avoid getting the enemies from the state and spare no weapon to wade them off their evil goals. The tendency to open up their usual arsenal in a very high and frequently exhibited manner like they have in the past, even against those whom they should be protecting and deliver good leadership continues to be a mirage.

Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi has shown every trait of an unfortunate leader, politicking traits and disappointing personal disposition about life. And many are not impressed with him. His antecedents are the definition of negativity all round.

The first impression anyone would get of Sen. Nwoaboshi, who represents Delta North senatorial district in the National Assembly is that of a failed personality who has failed its people and has no moral standing of fairness, equity and justice that’s expected of someone in such exalted office. His tracks in our state of Delta, where he had been a State Commissioner, Political Adviser and the Delta State chairman of the PDP was marred with serial murder with every finger in the state pointed directly at him as women of our dear state had to go on several strikes in all black and coffins which they protested to him to stop the killings in the state, with all falling to deaf ears.

There are a thousand who are displeased with his meteoric rise in politics despite win being entangled in every corruption cases that’s has surfaced from the Delta to series of murder cases.

Like I keenly followed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) saga, where the issue of a N2.1 billion naira contract awarded to his company, Biderberg Enterprises Limited by the Delta State Government in 2010 for the supply of equipment, he had cut corners for personal gains as his usual trade.

You would recall when the EFCC arraigned Nwaoboshi at a Federal High Court in Lagos, which finally slammed a remand on him to decide on his bail application before the court at another date, over allegations bordering on money laundering and fraud, involving two companies linked to him – Golden Touch Construction Project Ltd and Suiming Electrical Ltd, many in his home town jubilated that Goliath hath fallen.

They expect that he’d be thrown behind bars now as a man like that is not only bringing shame to our dear Delta but the entire nation, if we continue to let a man like that in leadership position, what then do we say of our democracy or tell our children.

The Oshimili Senator has been linked to the alleged killings of several Hausa boys in Ibusa in 2013 when he happened to be the State chairman of the PDP at the time of the killings. However, the contents and intendments of the statement narrowed down to Sen. Nwaoboshi as the sponsor of the cult groups in the murder case.

It has been a taboo for him, that delivering dividends of democracy to his constituents but the only reason Nwaoboshi is still in the upper legislative chamber is due to close ties with leadership of the Senate.

Several Civil Society groups at state and national level has petitioned all the relevant authorities for Nwoaboshi to be prosecuted with immediate effect as the delay of prosecuting a man with all that’s hanging on him will further rubbish our democracy and judiciary system.

While Nwoaboshi has connived with his friend who happens to be the Delta State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, they have done everything possible to provide support for the successful trial of the suspect and all those involved by the Attorney General not cooperating with the police on releasing requested information and documents concerning the matter.

In the bid to continue to evade justice, Nwaoboshi had gone ahead to file several injunction to bar the Police, DSS and the EFCC from investigating the matter, this the police has seen as a calculated attempt and another desperate move my Nwaoboshi.

Several Anioma sons and daughters are eagerly waiting to get rid of a Nwaoboshi while they have beckoned on other meritorious Anioma sons and daughters to come forth and deliver them from the bondage.

Etianra is a civil rights analyst and writes from the UK

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