Tinubu praises Ambode but…

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State has received accolades from his godfather, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to Tinubu, ‘Ambode did well in office, but he was not a good party man.’

Tinubu on Tuesday said it was for this reason that the party decided to withdraw support for the governor, who wanted to go for a second term.

He stressed that the decision to abandon Ambode for Sanwo-Olu was beyond him, adding that he was only doing the wishes of the party, which had entrusted him with its leadership.

Tinubu spoke at Ward C in the Ikeja LGA after he cast his vote in the Lagos APC governorship primary.

Tinubu said, “Who did I support in 2014? Ambode. Life is dynamic. The party members, who made me the leader of the structure in Lagos, say this is what they want; it is only if you have followership that you are a leader in a democracy.

“If I look back and I don’t find them again; if I don’t respond to them, if I fail to accede to their request, I would have failed the leadership test.

“This is not personal; it is beyond me as a person. Every democratic constitution is preceded by ‘we, the people.’ So, I had to submit myself to the wishes and the yearnings of our party.

“This is an elixir for the general election. Ambode Akin, he is doing well, yes; but he hasn’t been a good party man; not only the glamour, not only about brick and mortal. A talent is determined by character. For you to become an influential person, you have to respond to the yearnings of the people. This is politics; democracy, one man, one vote.

“It is yours today, tomorrow it may change, you have to abide by it. You don’t bring the roof down; you don’t bring the house down, except the foundation is bad.”

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