Vote buying instigated by political parties – INEC

The culture of vote buying in Nigerian politics is being instigated by political parties in the country, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Obo Effanga, INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner for Rivers state stated this on Monday in Port Harcourt.

 He said the electorate would not sell their votes if politicians and their parties don’t make offers.

 “If the political parties are not bringing money to buy votes, there won’t be vote buying, so the problem starts with the parties. Then there must be orientation for citizens to know that their vote is a very sacred mandate that you just don’t give up for a token.

“I tell people, no amount offered for you vote will last more than a week and then you would have voted somebody on induced influence for four years”, Effanga advised.

On dealing with electoral offenders on the field of voting, the Rivers REC said, “We have law enforcement agencies at the polling units. If they see people openly buying votes or contravening other rules, it is their responsibility to decide what to do.

“However, in trying to effect arrest of one, two, three, four or more offender voters who are selling or buying votes, we should also be cautious to ensure that in doing that it doesn’t lead to disruption of voting in their polling unit.”

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